Lake Committee

Lori Haden9 lake comm pageThe Lake Committee supervises all activity on Raintree Lake. The Committee is in charge of policy regarding boat sizes, boat permits, operation of boats on the lake, and boat slips. Any type of watercraft, which you plan to put in the water at Raintree must have a boat permit.  Contact the Raintree office at 816-537-7576 for details to obtain a permit.

Watercraft Verification Process for New Boats

Boat Measurement Guide

Water Patrol Standard Operating Procedure

Lake Committee Current Year Meeting Minutes

2016 Lake-committee 5-10 year plan

 Jan 14, 2016      Feb 11, 2016      May 12, 2016      June 9, 2016     Sept. 15, 2016    Nov. 10, 2016

Past Years Minutes

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Boat Slip Sub-Committee Summary


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