Pond Committee


Mission Statement:   Our mission is to help the HOA maintain and improve the appearance, serviceability and use of the siltation ponds.

The Pond Committee is looking for residents that will be representatives for each pond.  Contact the Raintree office if interested!

Map:  Pond Names

Area of Responsibility:                       Representatives

Duck Pond

Blue Heron Pond

Turtle Pond

Fox Run Pond                                     Cindy Lyon

Turtle Dove Pond

Minnow Pond                                     Roger Sense

Admiral Byrd Pond                            Darlene Sowell

Beaver Pond                                       John Hustad

Mallard Landing Pond


Scope of Responsibility:

  1.  Algae on siltation ponds’ surface
  2. Plant life in the siltation ponds and in close proximity
  3. Refuse and debris in and around the siltation ponds
  4. Nuisance animals and birds attracted to the siltation ponds, such as muskrats, geese, ect.
  5. Desirable fish living in the siltation ponds
  6. Siltation pond bank erosion
  7. Development and maintenance of walking trails to siltation ponds

Accountability:  Because these ponds are siltation ponds and they are surrounded by common ground and feed into our lake, it behooves the Pond Committee to work closely with other committees to help produce the best overall results for our community.

Committee Minutes:

July 20, 2017 Minutes   Aug 17, 2017 Minutes



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