Siltation Committee

The Siltation Committee oversees construction and monitors erosion at Raintree.  Soil that enters the lake due to run-off and erosion collects on the bottom of the lake as silt. Minimizing this erosion helps to maintain a clean lake community. The Committee addresses existing problem sites where excess silt has accumulated, examines possible solutions, and makes recommendations to the RLPOA Board of Directors.


Raintree Lake and Waterscape Topology

Alan VanDeusen and RLPOA

Using a Garmin GPS Sounder unit and a laptop computer, data were taken on depths of the main Raintree Lake, plus 7 ponds and coves feeding into the lake. The data were used to make topology maps. This report contains a summary of the data in eight plots using a color contour format. The inlet ponds are plotted on a 0-10 foot scale, while the main lake is on a 0-20 foot scale.

The raw data are available for further analysis in the form of a XYZ-CSV format (XYZ-comma separated values). There are more than 1,000 points in each file.
Plot Title : Hidden Cove 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, revisited July 2010
Description: Silt pond northeast of clubhouse cove.
Comments: Cleaned out late 2005 – early 2006. $120,000 project.

Plot Title : Effertz Silt Pond 2007
Description: Silt pond located between Raintree Circle and Raintree Court.
Comments: Pond was cleaned out in 2003-2004. $35,000 project.

Plot Title : Ward Silt Pond 2009, 2010, Revisited July 2010
Description: Silt pond located on southeast corner of 150 and Ward
Comments: Pond is full (09/15/02). RACH Development is expected to dredge this upon completion of Raintree Lake Village. Raintree Lake cleaned out spring of 2009.

Plot Title : Sunset Cove 2009, 2010
Description: Part of lake between Raintree Dr and Ward, connected by tunnel.
Comments: North ‘slew’ is shallow. The rest of cove is good. Plotted 09/15/02. Cleaned out neck of cove (1000′) winter of 2009.

Plot Title : Duck Pond 2010
Description: Pond by 291 entrance. Does not feed into lake.
Comments: Duck Pond accepted by RLPOA August 25, 2010.

Plot Title : Waterscape 1 2002,
Description: Between Lake Pines and Gull Point
Comments: Initial depth plot. (09/03/02) (Soundings on northeast portion in error due to vegetation.)

Plot Title : Waterscape E 2005, 2010
Description: South of County Line and East of Admiral Byrd
Comments: Initial depth plot. (10/08/05)

Plot Title: Waterscape A 2010
Description: South of Gull Point and east of Raintree Drive
Comments: Bentonite added summer of 2010

Plot Title: Waterscape B 2010
Description: North of County Line between Admiral Byrd and Gull Point
Comments: Fountain

Plot Title: Main Lake 2007, 2010
Description: 235 acre lake
Comments: Initial depth sounded in 2007

Plot Title: Spillway 2007
Description: Lake side
Comments: Spillway sits on rock shelf

Plot Title: Dam 2006
Description: Located on Raintree Parkway
Comments: Dam height 55′


Siltation Committee Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2010        May 12, 2010


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